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Remit at home and Receive money in 2 minutes at 1/10 of the traditional remittance fee.Remittance to United Kingdom supports all major banks in United Kingdom like HSBC、Royal Bank of Scotland、Barclays & more to receive money.



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How to send money from Slovakia to United Kingdom with Panda Remit App

The following materials need to be prepared


Documents (choose one out of three)

BRP Residence Card / EU National ID Card Passport + EU/UK Visa EU/UK passport


Fill in the real and valid residential address information

Contact details

Mobile number or email

Account Opening Preparation


Payment Methods


Receiving Methods

  • Tricks (A): The exchange rates are favorable only for the first transaction!

  • Tricks (B): The exchange rates are favorable but the fee are high!

  • Tricks (C): The fees are low but the exchange rates are less-favorable!

  • Tricks (D): Beware of money exchange scams!

Panda Remit, No tricks

Panda Remit is the best choice for cross-border remittance for the transparent process, more money received and 100% security guaranteed!

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Panda Remit, global service

Global Money Transfer across 40+ Counties and Regions

Panda Remit allows customers to send money from 30+ countries or regions of worldwide to United Kingdom. We will keep you posted as we continue to launch our service in more countries and regions.

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Panda Remit, better FX rates

Compare history rates: from Euro to British Pound

Traditional cross-border remittances have low exchange rates and often charge high fees.

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Let's answer some of your questions

Frequently asked questions

  • How to sign up Panda Remit?

    You can use your mobile number or email address to sign up a Free Panda Remit account. New users will get exclusive offers on handling fees & exchange rates.

  • Does Panda Remit provide new customer discount?

    Panda Remit offers exclusive new user deals & promotions like zero handling fees, exclusive exchange rate and remittance cash coupons ect.
    Remittance offers vary based on selected sender countries & receiver countries.

  • Is it safe to send money with Panda Remit?

    With complete financial anti-fraud guidelines and principles, Panda Remit has implemented best security practice. Panda Remit also advises customers to be vigilant at all times and no one will ask for your password. At the same time, the whole remittance process of Panda Remit is transparent to ensure the safety of customers' funds.

  • What are the payment methods Panda Remit supports to send money from Slovakia?

    Panda Remit supports Visa/Master debit card, SEPA Bank Transfer, SOFORT as the payment methods for money transfer from Slovakia

  • How much does Money Transfer from Slovakia cost by Panda Remit ?

    0 fee for the first remittance, For each subsequent transaction, the handling fee is 1.99/2.99/5.99 EUR.Fees may vary due to different sending amount and country.

  • What's a sort code in the United Kingdom?

    A sort code is a 6 digit number that identifies your bank. This code is used by UK banks and payment institutions to route payments correctly to the receiver.

  • How to find sort code in the United Kingdom?

    Usually you can find your sort code directly on your bank card. Your bank statements or mobile app will also list the sort code for your review.

  • What is FPS transfer in the United Kingdom?

    FPS stands for Faster Payments Service, which is a payment service by UK banks to perfom sterling payments. In most cases, payments through FPS can be completed within 2 hours.

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