Help your customers get great exchange rates and low fees on international money transfers, and earn some commission for yourself at the same time


1. Become our partner

Sign up for our program on Impact in a few easy steps and get instant access to your referral link

2. Promote Panda Remit

Recommend Panda Remit to your audience. We'll share tips on the best promotion strategies once you join

3. Earn commission

You can get revenue from every new user who registers on Panda Remit and makes a successful transfer using your unique Panda Remit link.


Let's answer some of your questions

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I partner with Panda Remit?

    By becoming our affiliate partner, you will earn income by recommending cheaper ways to send, spend, and receive money internationally. Panda Remit has helped over 2 million people save on international transaction fees, and we need you to help us grow further!
    As our partner, you will have the opportunity to join our mission of borderless money and bring value to your customers and fans.

  • What level of commission do you pay?

    Our CPA payment will pay 20USD for each new individual user
    A new user is one who does not have a pre-existing Panda Remit account and hasn't completed any cross-currency transaction through it. We do not have a cookie window, so you will receive your commission regardless of how long it takes for the user to make their first transfer.
    Commission rates can be reviewed once we have enough partnership performance data and a better understanding of the lifetime value of new users. If the value contributed by the users you attract is higher than the minimum CPA, we will re-evaluate.
    If you have plans to attract a large number of new paying customers (more than 50 per month) as our partner, please contact our team at to discuss the details

  • How do commission payouts work?

    We pay all commissions earned in the previous month by the 20th of each month, so you will receive a payment approximately every 30 days. You can then withdraw these funds to the bank account specified in your Impact payment settings.
    You can withdraw your commissions to a bank account denominated in your campaign currency (currently we offer payments in USD).
    All Panda Remit accounts registered by users may and will be subject to inspection at Panda Remit's discretion, and fake accounts may result in termination of the partnership.

  • What promotion methods are allowed?

    We welcome everyone to join our program, whether you have a website, blog, company, or well-known social media account. You can promote Panda Remit by writing about our products, including mentioning Panda Remit in your other articles, YouTube videos, or social media. If you have a company, you can also recommend Panda Remit to your customers and employees.
    We don’t work with voucher/discount code websites, affiliate networks or partners who only acquire traffic to their content pages through paid advertising.

  • What if I already have an Impact account?

    If you already have an Impact account and wish to join our affiliate program, please send an email to with your Impact username and ID. We will then add your account to our network and provide you with a tracking link.

  • How is this different from the 'Invite a friend' program?

    The main difference between the two programs is the type of referrals you can make and rewards you can get. With our Invite a Friend program, you can invite people you know (like friends and family) to become Panda Remit customers. The Affiliate Partner Program allows you to publicly promote Panda Remit online - on your website, on social media, or to your customers.
    Affiliate Program Criteria:
    Promote Panda Remit to a wider audience through your website, app, or social media You will earn a commission once a user completes their first transfer through your referral link.
    Monitor daily performance metrics with our third-party tracking platform Impact
    Access our rate API, calculator, and comparison widgets to add to your website
    Invite a Friend Program Criteria:
    Invite people you know
    Track your referrals in your Panda Remit account
    Once your friends completes their first transfer, you will earn a remittance voucher instead of a commission.

  • I want to promote different products you offer – how can I do that?

    We have only one product and one goal at the moment, which is to promote new users to our international money transfer app - Panda Remit.
    You have a universal link that can be used to promote our product - regardless of the country of the user.
    You cannot promote any service that Panda Remit does not currently offer.

  • Can I promote Panda Remit in any country?

    Yes, you can promote Panda Remit to people in any country. Just make sure you promote the services we support.
    Here you can learn about the countries our users can send money to and from.
    And here is more information about the countries that support our multi-currency accounts.

  • Have more questions?

    Contact our team at, we are always happy to help!



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