We are backed by two of the world's leading investors. Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Partners

Sequoia Capital is an investor in many well-known international companies, including Apple, Alibaba, and Google.Sequoia Capital is our partner and significant shareholder in Panda Remit. Panda Remit is a global cross-border remittance company and one of the fastest growing worldwide, serving more Chinese overseas.

Cross-border remittance to China

As a leading venture capital firm, Sequoia Capital China focuses its investments on four strategic sectors: Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT); Healthcare; Consumer/Service; and Industrial Technology. In the 14 years since its inception, the firm has invested in over 500 portfolio companies with unique technical features, innovative business models, and significant growth potential. Sequoia Capital China has earned a reputation as the "Entrepreneur behind Entrepreneurs," helping to drive the success of many of the world's most successful companies.

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Cross-border remittance to China

Lightspeed Partners is a venture capital fund that specializes in early-stage companies. The firm has deep expertise in areas such as consumer internet, "Internet Plus" (to transform traditional industries), and enterprise-focused technology. Through its investments and partnership, Lightspeed Partners has helped a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs build some of the world's leading companies. The firm is committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their full potential.

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Legal services partner of KWM, a leading law firm in China

Panda Remit takes legal and compliance requirements very seriously. The company's business flows are strictly reviewed and evaluated by King & Wood Mallesons, a leading global law firm, to ensure full compliance with all relevant regulations. This means that every money transfer made through the platform is fully compliant, ensuring that your transfer will arrive safely and securely.By choosing Panda Remit, you can be confident that your money is in good hands.

Cross-border remittance to China

King & Wood Mallesons is known as one of the world's most innovative law firms, offering a global perspective on commercial law for fast-growing companies worldwide. With a global presence and a team of over 2000 lawyers in 27 locations worldwide the firm is well-positioned to help clients navigate local challenges and complexities to find commercial solutions that give them a competitive edge. Whether you are looking to expand your business internationally or need expert advice on legal issues, King & Wood Mallesons is here to help.

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Passed PCI DSS certification,Security capabilities recognized by international authorities

Although passing PCI DSS certification will increase the company's operating costs, in comparison, we believe that cross-border remittance information security is more important.

Cross-border remittance to China

PCI DSS is a payment card industry data security standard jointly established by American Express, VISA, Master Card and other international card organizations. It is also one of the most authoritative and strictest financial data security standards in the world.

Panda Remit has obtained PCI DSS certification and passed nearly 300 audit indicators covering 6 major areas and 12 specifications, including network security, application and system security, which means that the company's payment ability and technology have reached the international leading level.

About the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC)

The PCI SSC mission is to enhance global payment account data security by developing standards and supporting services that drive education, awareness, and effective implementation by stakeholders. We achieve this with a strategic framework to guide our decision-making process and ensure that every initiative is aligned with our mission and supports the needs of the global payments industry.

  • Cross-border remittance to China

    Globally recognized certification for secure payment card data compliance

  • Cross-border remittance to China

    Internationally recognized security system for financial regulatory bodies and card brands

  • Cross-border remittance to China

    Stringent compliance construction and evaluation covering 6 categories, 12 projects, and hundreds of security requirements

  • Cross-border remittance to China

    Comprehensive and integrated payment data protection plan to safeguard payment security

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Strictly abiding by laws and regulations to protect the privacy of the remitters

To ensure the security of the remitters' information to the greatest extent possible, we keep user data confidential in strict accordance with local laws and regulations

Panda Remit -Track Online Money Transfer Status1

See each step in the process when you send a remittance on our app, so you can have peace of mind.

Traditional remittance methods can be frustratingly opaque, leaving users in the dark about the progress of their transfers and unable to do anything but wait and worry. At Panda Remit, we take a different approach. Our processes are fully transparent, allowing our users to see the flow of funds at every stage of the process.

Panda Remit -Track Online Money Transfer Status2

Safer than traditional remittance methods

To innovate in the world of online remittance, we must consider safety from the very beginning. This means building our platform with security in mind from the outset, and taking steps to ensure that our customers' information is always protected. By making safety a top priority from the start, we can provide a new and better way for people to send money internationally, without sacrificing security.