We are backed by two of the world’s leading investors Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Partners

Sequoia has invested in well-known international companies as Apple, Alibaba, Google, etc. Sequoia believes in our potential to become a global company operating cross-border remittances company to serve more Chinese overseas

Cross-border remittance to China

As “Entrepreneur behind Entrepreneurs”, Sequoia Capital China’s investments focus on four strategic sectors: TMT, Healthcare, Consumer/Service, Industrial technology. In 14 years, Sequoia Capital China has invested in over 500 portfolio companies with specific technical features, innovative business model, and huge potentials for fast growing and development.

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Cross-border remittance to China

Lightspeed Partners is a venture capital fund focusing on the early-stage companies. They’ve deep diving the areas such as the consumer Internet, "Internet Plus", which is transforming traditional industries, and hard-coretechnology for enterprise services. Lightspeed Partners has helped a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs join forces to create the world's leading great companies

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Legal services partner of KWM, a leading law firm in China

PandaRemit’s business flows are strictly reviewed and evaluated by King & Wood Mallesons from the perspective of legal and compliance requirements. We get a memorandum of legal advice from King & Wood Malleson.Every money transfer in our platform is fully compliant with regulations.

Cross-border remittance to China

Recognized as one of the world’s most innovative law firms, King & Wood Mallesons offers a different perspective to commercial thinking and the client experience. With access to a global platform, a team of over 2000 lawyers in 27 locations around the world works with clients to help them understand local challenges, navigate through regional complexity, and to find commercial solutions that deliver a competitive advantage for our clients.

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With Symantec, more assured information security

Although the use of Symantec will increase the company's operating costs, we believe that the security of cross-border remittance information is more important.

Cross-border remittance to China

Secure Site SSL Certificates Product

Symantec Website Security is the world's first-class security technology. Repeatedly verified by the market, it provides information security guarantees of up to 1.5 million US dollars.

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  • Cross-border remittance to China

    Critical Security

    96 of the 100 largest banks and 90% of Fortune 500 companies worldwide use Symantec security.

  • Cross-border remittance to China

    Industry-Defining Technology

    For 5 consecutive years, Symantec has been on the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators list.

  • Cross-border remittance to China

    Daily malware scanning

    Every Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate includes daily scans for website malware, improving the capability of prevention from malware infection.

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Strictly abiding by laws and regulations to protect the privacy of the remitters

To ensure the security of the remitters' information to the greatest extent possible, we keep user data confidential in strict accordance with local laws and regulations

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completely at ease, when cross-border remittances can be tracked throughout the process

With traditional remittance methods, it is impossible to know the progress after remittance, and can do nothing but wait and worry. However, we make all the processes transparent, so that users can fully see the flow of funds.

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Safer than traditional remittance methods

To make a new way of Internet remittance, we must consider how to be safer than traditional remittance from the start.