How we calculate these data?

To provide a clear view on how Panda Remit serve at customers benefit, we choose to clearly demonstrate Panda Remit and other mainstream remit service provider’s exchange rate, service fee and amount customers can received. Here is how we collect and calculate data.

Everyday we enter into remit service providers’ public website to get the newest exchange rate and service fee at a certain amount, meanwhile, each hour we check the middle market exchange rate. To forecast providers hourly exchange rate we choose a fix time to mark down the percentage difference between providers’ exchange rate and middle market exchange rate, by adding the percentage difference to hourly middle market exchange rate, we get a fair estimate on providers’ exchange rate.

At the same time, the data of remittance products in some countries will be queried from the third -party exchange rate/remittance ratio website, so the data update may be delayed. Exchange rates, handling fees, and Recipient gets are for reference only. If there are any changes, you will not be notified separately.Thanks for your understanding.

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