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This exchange rate displays the offshore exchange rate provided by Panda Remit (for reference only), which is based on exchange rate at the time of receiving the remittance.The exchange service is provided by Panda Remit (to the recipient)

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    Information Security

    All relevant information in China is
    stored by Kincheng Bank (KCB)

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    Compliance review

    This service is reviewed strictly in accordance with the regulatory requirements, and the relevant
    review will be performed by Kincheng Bank (KCB)

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    Capital receipt

    The remittance funds in China are
    received by Kincheng Bank (KCB), and the funds are guaranteed

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    7*24 -hour customer service service
    to master remittance dynamics anytime, anywhere

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Mainland China ID Card

face recognition

Personal face recognition, ID verification is required

Bank card

Mainland China Debit Bank Card

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