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PandaRemit provides convenient and affordable remittance services
1.How much can I remit?
2.What payment method can I use to send money?
3.How long does it usually take to send money to China?
4.Why does Panda Remit only cost $10CAD service fee?
5.Can I transfer money from China to Canada?
PandaRemit helps you to send your love home
1.How does the recipient collect money?
2.Which banks accept the payment of Panda Remit?
How to protect your remittance safely with PandaRemit
1.Is Panda Remit safe?
2.How does Panda Remit provide security for my information?
PandaRemit easily transfers money to China in four steps
1.What do I need to prepare before remittance?
2.What circumstances may cause my remittance to fail?
3.How long does it usually take for customer identity check?
4.How will my refund be processed if my remittance fails?
5.How long does it usually take for the refund arrive in my account?
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