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Poli payment
PandaRemit provides convenient and affordable remittance services
1.How much can I remit?
2.What payment method can I use to send money?
3.How long does it take to send money to China?
4.Why does the PandaRemit exchange fee only cost 5.99 New Zealand dollars?
5.Can I transfer money from China to New Zealand?
PandaRemit helps you to send your love home. PandaRemit
1.How does the payee collect money?
2.Which banks accept the payment of PandaRemit?
3.Why do I need to provide my payee's ID card?
How to secure your remittance with PandaRemit ? PandaRemit
1.Is PandaRemit safe?
2.How does PandaRemit provide security for my information?
PandaRemit easily transfers money to China in four steps
1.What do I need to prepare before remittance?
2.Can those materials be used as proof of our address?
3.How to get the address proof?
4.What circumstances will cause the remittance to fail?
5.How long does it usually take for the remitter identity review?
6.How will my payment be processed after the remittance fails?
Poli payment
POLi provides a safe and convenient way to pay
1.What is Poli payment?
2.Is Poli payment safe?
3.How to pay with Poli?
4.What if I forget my bank account and password?
5.How long can my refund be reached?
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